Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog. As a short introduction, my name is Victoria Paul and I am currently working towards a BA in Film Studies with French at Kingston University London. Whilst I’m focusing my creative efforts on a career in the film industry, I haven’t abandoned my other interests in photography, writing, music and art. If anything, studying film has enriched my knowledge and interest in its percursors, especially photography. Film is also one of the ways I developed my linguistic skills and more importantly my love of French film culture. I currently study French on a university level and maintain my bilingual languages: English and Russian. My professional experiences in both Film and French include working abroad in Nancy (France) for a week and work placements in film production companies in and outside of London.

This blog is a temporary space for my creative portfolio (projects completed within and outside of my academic career). However if you would like a CV or have sepcific questions about my profile, please contact me through WordPress or through my social network(s) and I will respond as quickly as possible.